For those who don't know Meek Mill is a rapper from south philly signed to Grand Hustle. Meek is expected to Drop Flamer 3 tomorrow with no other then the mixtape king DJ Drama. Check back for that link.


Got Bounce?

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That Jordan Brand is planning on releasing a Infrared Pack featuring the black and white infrared 6s. Stay tuned for more details.


B.G decided to return to his former label after he became a free agent after the release of his latest album Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood. This is what BG had to say about the deal,

“E1 called Atlantic and asked them what they doing with me. What's the hold up on B.G's album? He offered them a deal, baby offered them a deal to and they turned him down. I guess, they don't want to see me win or not. Everything worked out perfect, it couldn't be better.”

I hope everything goes well this time around. With BG signing to Cash Money, it brings the fans a little bit closer to this Hot Boys reunion album.


The Johnnies will be wearing these player exclusives throughout the Big East tournament. St.John's plays Marquette today in the second round of the Big East tournament at 2pm et. on ESPN.


Lil Wayne will be housed in general population BUT he will have a “general population escort". A general population escort means while Wayne is outside of his housing unit, he will be escorted at all times by a correction captain. While he is inside his housing unit he will have the option to socialize with the other 17 other men on his cell block.




Finesse drops the prequel to his No Applause Needed mixtape dropping April 1st.

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Chalie Boy's picture should be in the dictionary next to grinding. Chalie Boy is 10 years deep in the rap game and its finally his time to shine on a national scale. Chalie Boy has always had a big following in Texas. I recently conducted a email interview with him and this is what he had to say.

How does it feel to gain national attention for your single “I Look Good”?

CB:Its a great feeling to finally be recognized for all of my hard work on a national level.

How does it feel to finally be signed to a major record label after over 10 years of grinding?

CB: Honestly, I'm very happy to finally find the right situation for me and my label...I could have been signed several different times over the years, but the timing and opportunity just wasnt right...The independent thing helped us get to where we needed to be. My goal was never to "just" be signed, but to find the situation that would work out best for me. With my 10 year track record under my belt, signing with Battery/Jive in 2009 was the right move for me at the right time. Now its time to keep pushing.

How do you feel about the current state of Texas Hip Hop?

CB:I like it, I like it alot...The new crop of artists shows that we have diverse styles and more creativity than everyone expected...It allows us to have growth.

When is your debut Major album dropping?

CB: There is no definite release date, but it will definitely be soon.

Are you planning on going on tour anytime soon?

CB: Well my schedule has been so hectic, I have had to turn down a few touring opportunities. I will more than likely tour after my prior obligations are fulfilled.

Thanks for your time, Is there any advice you have for upcoming rappers?

CB: Always work hard and take constructive criticism, have a level head on your shoulders and always, ALWAYS respect and show love to the dj’s.

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