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Why hate on the next man?

"What you eat don't make me shit."

-Sean Carter

"Its funny how someone else success brings pain"


I don't understand the need to hate on the next man. Honestly when I see a successful person it makes me want to go harder to also become successful. I'm not perfect, there are successful people out there I don't like but I never hate on them. I may respect their grind and success but I may not respect them as a person.

I think HYPE BEAST AND ELITIST are the biggest haters on the earth. They are always talking about how Hip Hop is dead and how the south killed Hip Hop. Also they jump onto anything their favorite rapper says or wears. These are the people that contribute the most hate. I don't understand why though. Like who gave these elitist and hype beast the power to judge whats real Hip Hop and what isn't?

Honestly I could careless about a person hating on me because them hating on me only proves that I am doing something right.

If you don't like me and what I do....

do me a favor and....

..Pay Me No Mind