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What does it take to be a good friend? Who are your real friends? See my friends are the best possible friends anyone could ever ask for. No matter what happens they hold me down through think and thin. My friends have seen my best and worst moments. My friends always keep it 100 with me, honestly they even helped me mature.

601/Fast Life.

My 601 brothers have always held me down. These dudes will be my brothers for life. No matter what I'm always going to have their back and I know they will do the same.

..I love my brothers..

Freshmen Homies.

I love my little homies. They all funny as shit and we always have fun when we all get together. Ya'll are like my little sisters, I love ya'll and I got ya'll whenever ya'll need me.

My Little Big Sister

For real you keep it the TRILLEST with me. I'm not going to lie at the beginning of the year I just thought you were being mean but then I realized you weren't. I got my shit together because you were all giving me your honest opinion and I love you for that.

My Best friend

We have been through SO much since we met and if there is one person I know I can always count on its you. Even though we argue like 17374838292 times a day, I know at the end of the day you still love me. Even though you do blow me everyday by getting mad at me over dumb shit but I realized you do this because you care. Though some times you forgot about the big things, you always make sure to do the little things that really matter. You may have not downloaded my mixtape, or know all the words to my songs or even visited my blog, but I know you would hold me down through my toughest times. You always make my day better and I LOVE YOU.

The Rest of My Friends

Don't feel any type of way if your in this column, I still got love for ya'll.

I know ya'll noticed I didn't mention names, I felt like it wasn't needed. The people referred to in this post know who they are.

Well that's all the SAPP ya'll getting out of me for today but for real I LOVE ALL OF MY FRIENDS, THANKS FOR BEING SUCH GOOD FRIENDS.




Stop It Slime

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Jordan Brand what are you thinking? SMH!!


C-Murder recently wrote a letter to about how he's doing in prison. I just thought I share it with everybody that visits my blog.

"What's up AllHipHop?

This ya boy C-Murder reaching out to yall and my many loyal fans that gives a damn. I'm in the process of my appeals right now, so keep me in your prayers.

And I want to send my thanks to those of you the support and believe in me and my innocence. I'm holding up pretty good here at Angola.

I work out regularly and participate in all sports leagues. Kitchen duty is my job and 5:30 AM is wake up time.

Of course I hate it, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Life is short and the time you waste in jail can never be replaced.

That's why I'm asking you guys to take heed to my situation and better yourselves to live a positive and productive life.

Education and discipline is most important.

If you feel alone in making important decisions don't. Parents, priests, counselors or relatives are always available.

I wish you the best until next time.

Your’s Truly,

Corey Miller"


Got Bounce?

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Bun B has finally dropped a mixtape rapping on the hottest beats out right now. The Trill OG really proved that he can still go bar for bar with most MCs out today.

1. Intro

2. On To The Next Year

3. Stupid Trill

4. Trill OG

5. 2 Damn Trill

6. Trill Gladiator Snippet

7. No Mixtape

8. Transform Ya

9. One King

10. Don’t Say Shit

11. Countin’ Money

12. I Went In

13. Adrenaline Rush

14. 2DopeBoyz

15. Coocoo

16. Greatest of All Time

17. Mr. Hit That Lick

18. Press Play

19. Big Dick Chaney

20. I Am

21. I Got Cake

22. Play Clothes

23. Bag Music

24. I Made It

25. The Champion

26. Put It Down

27. Outro

Bonus: Pants On The Ground



Pink Lemonade

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This is a new track from the homie Finesse holding it down in the A for the Fast Life Team. Make sure you download it and follow him on twitter @Finesselacedup

Pink Lemonade - Finesse Feat. Spliff


RIP Baseline Studios

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Baseline was a legendary hip hop studio that some thought of as the headquarters for Roc-A-Fella in its prime. The majority of Jay's records from 'Dynasty' to 'The Black Album' were done there. Being a up and coming rapper I had to pay homage to the legendary recording studio.


I'm Back

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I know its been a while but I'm back!! I had to take a break from blogging to focus on promoting my mixtape which has 1,392 downloads so far. If you haven't already make sure you download that. Also make sure to go to for all the official Fast Life Videos. I feel like the music business is at a all time high and it is the way more competitive then it has ever been. Now everybody has the ability to make music from their home studio and they can promote on almost every social network. I'm currently working on my next mixtape but I don't really have a name for it, so I need ya'll to hit me back with a mixtape title.