DC isn't only the nation's capital, it's also the home of Go Go music. Most people outside of the DMV (DC, Maryland & Virginia) area don't know or know very little about the whole Go Go scene. You can't explain what Go Go really sounds like you have to listen to it, and if you were to take a listen you should start out by listening to The Bounce Beat Kings, TCB(Total Control Band).

First and for most introduce yourselves and let everyone know exactly what you all do.

We are Kory (singer) Bo ( rapper) X (management team) and Polo (lead mike)

When did you guys actually form TCB?

Polo: I started TCB in 97 but we didn't really make any noise until 2002. The current band has been intact since 2007

What’s the difference in Go Go from when you guys started and now of days?

Bo: it's basically still the same, we put a little twist on the bounce beat like a slow bounce or chop it up a little but the basics is our bounce beat. We do use timbales more than the older bands in the past but that what's sets us apart.

What’s your opinion on the current state of Go Go?

Kory: I think go go is more competive than it has been and it really makes other bands create thier own sound and come up wit catchy hooks and beats. It's hard to keep up with us because we keep creating and pushing our creativity to new heights. We keep surprising ourselves with so much material we come up with.

Do you think Go Go will ever blow up nationwide?

X: I think it has an influence that hasn't been taken seriously yet. We have performed with many artist and we actually had offers from Trina to be her band, Waka has done versus on our music, Raheem DeVaughn has been on stage with us and we have a few well known artist that have expressed interest. I think we've learned it's better to create our own buzz and let people come call us. It's more rewarding.

Do you guys even want Go Go to blow up on a nationwide scale?

Polo: well, it's kind of a curse and a blessing in a way that if we get hot nationally we would travel performing for a whole different fan base. But on the other hand we wouldn't be in our city as much and DC is so reactinary that it wouldn't be hard for another band to feel that void since we would be on the road. At the end of the day if we could do both it would be a win win but in reality we would prefer to keep the city in favor because of the longevity.

How do you guys think Go Go influences the DMV?

Bo: it's part of our culture. Starting in Junior High schools all u do is think about making a band and getting hot. It's kind of like a right of pasage where if you good you could be an instant hood star without selling your soul to an industry. It's what's in our blood if you true to DC.

I’ve heard a lot of wild things happen in the Go Go, what’s the wildest thing that you guys have seen?

Polo: I think it's mostly seeing what the girls do on our songs.
Kory: seeing the money people put out to see us play. It's kind of a good feeling to see that people would actually pay to hear us perform.

Thanks for your time, Is there anything you guys have to say to your fans out there?

TCB: we thank everyone who our music has touched in a positive light. Remembering your first TCB show and friends you partied wit are memories we all share and we appreciate what we mean to hundreds of fans in the DMV that grew up with us and continue to party with us. Keep bouncing! TCB.

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Here is the track listing:

“Gucci Speaks”

“Intro Live From Fulton County JailHD”

“Boy From the Block”

“Gucci Speaks/ Shawty Lo Speaks”

“Parked Outside”

“Gucci on the Rise”

“Rick Ross Speaks/ DJ Khaled Speaks”

“Do This Sh– Again,” featuring Yo Gotti and Rick Ross

“Everybody Looking”

“Yo Gotti Speaks”

“Coca Coca” featuring Rocko, OJ Da Juiceman, Waka Flocka, Shawty Lo, Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj

“Gucci Speaks”

“Here We Go Again”

“Lil’ Kim Speaks”

“Antisocial,” featuring Mylah

“Beat It Up,” featuring Trey Songz

“Gucci Speaks”

“911 Emergency”

“Alley Boy Speaks”

“How I’m Living,” featuring Jim Jones

“Shining For No Apparent Reason,” featuring Waka Flocka and Wooh Da Kid

“I’m So Tired Of You”

“Outro Live From Fulton County JailHD”


"Mark it on your calendar. July 13th is the date I'm droppin' my record, "I AM THE WEST." The buzz is already in the streets. The minute I named my record, producers start sending me tracks. I got music from DJ Quik, Sir Jinx, EA Ski, Bangledesh and a few unknowns that I fuck wit. I listen to beats and see if they call my name. See if a song or hook will just spill out. I stop forcing lyrics just because I got a beat from a hot producer. If nothing comes out. No song will be made, no matter who does the beat. It's an honest process.

We spent all week working on our game plan for marketing and promoting this record. If we stay on schedule we'll be alright. Being independent is beautiful because we can do things "out the box" that record companies would usually frown at. Instead of working from a ready-made cookie-cutter marketing plan, we can tailor make a marketing plan specifically for me. I hate when rappers do dumb shit trying to sell a record. "Going on Regis & Kelly is not going to sell you hip-hop records!" Wrong crowd.

Last week wasn't that hectic for ya' boy. I had to go to the Federal Building on Wilshire to renew my passport. That's always fun. I fucked around and let my old one expire (slippin') and I was happy to get my hands on a new one. My whole family got passports just in case we need to get up out this crazy mothafucka one day. You should get one too.

This week is the video and photoshoot. We've been getting our shit cocked and loaded for that. I just found out that W.C. won't be with me at the car show in Dallas on the 21st of March. Instead, I'll have my son Doughboy there. He's rocked with me before so don't worry about nothing in the big D. I also heard that Snoop is going to be on the show. That's dope. We're suppose to do a after party from what I hear. Stand by for details.

My son made the All-Star team at his park. So I'll be up in a gym cheering him on and yelling at the refs.

I got alot of questions since my last blog. I'll answer a few.

What's up with these local MC's in L.A. who keep disrespecting me? They're just mad cause I don't fuck with they wack-ass. They ain't on my level, why should I waste my time. I don't even remember ever meeting these clowns or even being in the same room with any of 'em. They can't make a name for themselves so they need help from the O/G's. I refuse the throw'em a life line. Fuck'em. It ain't my job to make nobody famous. And for the record, I ain't scared of no nigga. Especially, no rappers....seriously people.

Age-ism in rap? Age-ism is everywhere folks. In the work place, in sports and of course in hip-hop. We are a out with the OLD in with the NEW world. But as we go through life we realize NEWER ain't always better. We find ourselves saying, "Back in the day, bah, bah, bah...." All young MC's should route for old MC's to have long careers. If you play us out, what kind of future do you have in hip-hop when you get 40?

Advice for young rappers: You gotta be hot on your block first, then your city, then your state, then your country, then the world. If you can't make your block notice you. The world is a tall task.

Shows in Canada? No shows are booked yet, but as the momentum builds on the record promoters will book me. If a promoter doesn't book me in your town. I probably won't get there. Call you local promoters and put the pressure on...and I'll be coming.

No Chilly Chill beats on this record.

Me and Mack 10 together again? I never say never, but he has the kiss the ring first.

Why is WC underrated? Who knows. Skills don't mean as much as they use to. But he's a true MC. Fame is overrated.

Raiders should not get rid of JaMarcus Russell. He'll be better this year.

Any raps on Palestinians and Jews? No, but I always tell people in interviews..."How can the Bloods and Crips stop shooting each other when the Palestinians and Jews can't?"

Peace out to the Worldwide Westside in Miami, France, Edmonton, Alabama, Minneapolis (no house next to Prince), Columbus OH, Alberta, North Carolina, Portland, Ethiopia, Bulgaria, Iran and Greece.

Keep it Gangsta fam,



A Word From Finesse

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"Memo: u wanna know why pple fux wit my music and believe in me? cuz i ACTUALLY TRY to not sound like the last dude. My goal is to influence the next dude. i dont aim to just make "rap" music. i want to make universal music that appeals to everyone backpackers, fashionistas, hood niggas, north pple, white pple, real hip hop heads etc. ill be an artist at the end of the day. not just 'another rapper'"



Got Bounce?

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