My new mixtape "Haters Request" drops on January 25th!!! I promise this is my best mixtape so far and I'm only getting better!! This mixtape is going to feature 24 tracks which consists of 21 tracks and 3 skits. Make sure your by a computer to download my mixtape on the 25th!!

Fast Life Ent.

New Music From Yung Coke

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Yung Coke hails out of MT. Vernom, New York. Yung Coke reps the Fedelta Music Group along side Blizzy Black and Trial. Look out for Yung Coke, he's going to be doing big things in the future but remember you heard him here first. Make sure to follow him on twitter, and don't forgot to download his new freestyle.

Insane In The Membrane Freestyle


When Will It Stop

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Will this be the Rodney King of 2010? When will the police ever stop this?! I thought the police are suppose to serve and protect?! It seems more like they are here to earn and collect. We live in a sad world, hopefully one day things of this such will not happen as much because I know it will NEVER stop.


When will Lebron leave his Nike home and move into his own house? I think the Lebron VIII should feature just his dunkman logo not the Nike Swoosh. Lebron should follow in the foot steps of Jordan and stop featuring the Nike Logo on his sneakers. When it comes to sneakers Lebron is the closest thing to Jordan. I'm not sure when his contract is up with Nike but whenever it is Lebron should make his own division at Nike just as Jordan did. I already know OG(the orginal release of a shoe) Lebrons will be heavily sought after just as OG Jordans are. I would advice everybody who owns a pair of Lebrons to save them, because after Lebron Retires his shoes will be worth a lot of money.

The Dunkman Logo

Lebron I

Lebron II

Lebron III

Lebron IV

Lebron V

Lebron VI

Lebron VII


I'm a huge fan of Vans and black denim, so you already know I'm feeling these joints. Vans are like the new age chuck taylors(no disrespect to chucks). What do ya'll think about them?


This upcoming semester 9th Wonder will be teaching an African American studies course alongside Professor Mark Anthony Neal at Duke University. According to Neal's blog the homie 9th is going to assist him in teaching "sampling soul", a class about songs from the Black Power and Civil Rights Movements. This is what Neal had to say about it “The class is studying soul music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, the neighborhoods it came out of and where was the influence for this song to come out of,” Wonder said in an interview, “I’m excited man, it’s a new frontier for me. I’m always excited for new frontiers.” As we all know, 9th Wonder's production is based heavily on samples that mostly come from records during the Black Power and Civil Rights movements in the 60s and 70s. 9th is no rookie at teaching, he previously taught a class on Hip-Hop at North Carolina Central University. The same school where he met former group members Big Pooh and Phonte of Little Brother as a student.


Well its pretty obvious why I like this shirt but what do you think of it?


COOL KIDS + STALLEY + SKI BEATZ - DO IT BIG from Creative Control on Vimeo.

I'm not the Biggest fan of The Cool Kids but I do respect them. I respect them more then ever now since they are working with the legendary Ski Beatz(producer of Dead Presidents by Jay-Z). They are currently working on their debut album, When Fish Ride Bicycles, which is slated to release in 2010.


Gangsta Grillz!!

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DJ Drama is the best DJ in the mixtape game right now. Matter of fact DJ Drama has been the best DJ since 2005. Drama has a mixtape with just about every relevant artist out now(well besides Bow Wow but is Bow even relevant?). He even has 2 albums out and another coming in 2010. Drama is clearly the best and one of the hardest working DJs. Drama is from German Town in Philly but he got his fame in the ATL. Keep a look out for the next couple Drama mixtapes, he has one coming out with Fab, Cam'ron and Yo Gotti coming very soon.

Fabolous - There Is No Competition 2 (The Funeral Service)

Cam'ron - Boss Of All Bosses 2

Yo Gotti - Cocaine Muzik 4


We all know Kobe and Lebron are the top 2 players in the league but who is the third best player? This conversation is probably the toughest argument about the NBA right now. So who is it?

Is it Dwayne Wade?

Or is it Melo?

Or is it even KD?

These are my Top 3 for number 3.


These jawns drop this summer. You can tell Kanye has left a major influence at Louis Vuitton. What you think about them?

Perry Jones

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He is the next BIG thing in this game we call Basketball. Perry Jones is a 6'11'' 220llbs forward that plays for Duncanville High School in Dallas, Texas. See Jones isn't the average 6'11' player. He has a shot like a 2 guard, handles like a point guard and post game like a center. His game reminds me of Kevin Durant's. According to, Jones is the number six player in the nation. Next fall Jones will be playing for the Baylor Bears. Remember I told ya'll first but honestly it was my homie Polo that put me on to him.

This video made me a believer.


Before Fame

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These are your favorite rappers before the platinum records, classic albums, and seven figure checks.

ggggggg-unit! a young 50 Cent before the 9 shots and ALL those Hip Hop beefs.

Its the roc!! A young Jigga, looks like he was still heavy in the dope game.

Put a ring on it? I dont know about that. A young Beyonce before the fame and glory.

The Man on the moon. A young Kid Cudi, I don't know but the kid looks high.

Step Ya Cookies Up!! Nicki before she became a Barbie, this is really just REGULAR Nicki.

It looks like Snoop was still a Y.G not quite the O.G we know and love.

Was he always a outkast? This a Young Andre before he even had three stacks to his name.

Flavor Flavvvvvvv! A young Flav before all the Vh1 shows, clocks, and drugs.

RIP Big L, a true uptown Legend. On The Mic is Big L

Love in the sandbox? This a very young Usher way before all of his confessions.

To cool for school maybe? A young Timberland before the rap checks.

Ya'll remember the kid in 2nd grade that always hit girls? That was him, naw I'm joking but this is a young Chris Brown

Eminem from way back when. Before he left 8 Mile.

A crazy muthafucker name ice cube? naw how bout "A wavy Muthafucker name Ice Cube"

No dreads? No Grill? Lil Jon before the Crunk hit him. YEEEAAA!!


Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is to Hip Hop like The Godfather is to movies...

Need I say more? If you haven't Listened to this album I advice you do.


Your Not a Barbie!!

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I need all of these wanna be Nicki Minajs to stop it now! Get your own style, be your own person its 2010 copying another person is not the wave! She may be your favorite rapper but you don't have to copy her every move. Like whats wrong with being yourself? Nicki Minaj gets paid to act the way she does and your doing it for free does that make sense? I have nothing against Nicki Minaj matter of fact I love Nicki but I can't stand when girls try to act like her.



I don't agree totally with the order of the list but all of the mixtapes on the list were crack. Make sure to check them out if you haven't already.


Gourmet Sedici

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These are the Gourmet Sedici. The word Sedici means sixteen in Italian. At first I wasn't a fan of Gourmet because their early sneakers were just Jordans with different material and with out the logos but their designs have since improved. These shoes are hitting the Gourmet Catalogue in the spring.


Polo VS. Uggs

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The Polo and Uggs Boots are the best thing out right now. It seems like everybody has a pair of either one or even both. The question is which one do you think looks better?




These are my top 5 albums of the decade(in no particular order)

Jay-Z Blueprint (Roc-A-Fella/Island Def Jam)

This a undeniable classic. This was the Jigga we all knew and loved before these Illuminati and free mason allegations.

Kanye West College Dropout (Roc-A-Fella/Island Def Jam)

This is Kanye's Best album by far. This is the Kanye we need back the confident Kanye not the superstar Martin Louie Kanye.

50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (Aftermath/Shady/Interscope)

50 Cent was every 14-21 year old male's favorite rapper when this album dropped. 50 Cent really brought the crown back to New York with this album.

Common Be (G.O.O.D./Geffen/Imani Entertainment)

Now this is a Hip Hop album. This album made me a fan of Common. Kanye did an amazing job with the production and Common just went insane with the lyrics. XXL gave this album a very rare rating of a XXL in its review. This is a great album.

Lil Wayne Tha Carter II (Cash Money/Universal)

BEST RAPPER ALIVE!! You could hear the hunger in Wayne's voice throughout the whole ablum. This is when Wayne still rapped like he had something to prove and he did prove to the world that he is truely the best rapper alive.

Honorable Mentions:
Lupe Fiasco: Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor.
The Clipse: Hell Hath No Fury
Nas: Stillmatic
Ghostface Killah: Fishscale
Outkast: Speakerboxxx/The Love Below