Aaliyah Dana Haughton would have been 31 today if she was still alive. She would have been the biggest female artist in the game right now. The good die young, RIP Aaliyah Dana Haughton.


Ink my whole body, I don't give a Mother F**K. There are a couple of people that qualify for the King of Ink. My top nominees are Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Travis Barker, J.R Smith and Rick Ross. So who do you think should be crowned the King of Ink?

Wizzle Man


The Boss


Weezy F.


Certified Gangsta 2 - Jim Jones Featuring The Game, Mel Matrix and Sen City. The sequel to the classic song Certified Gangsta, this joint is crack!!

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As you know Jordan Brand is releasing the Air Jordan I Alpha, which is just the Air Jordan I with current day technology. Also last year Jordan Brand released the True Flight which was basically the Air Jordan 7 with current day technology also. Now which one do ya'll think looks better? The new school versions of the I's and VII's or the old school versions? Personally I like the old school.

Air Jordan I

Air Jordan I Alpha

Air Jordan VII

Air Jordan True Flight


Dorrough Music

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Shout out to Dorrough for putting not only Dallas but the whole DFW(Dallas-Ft.Worth) area on the map. He's paving the way for young artist like myself coming up in the DFW. If you haven't already you need to listen to his debut album "Dorrough Music". This album really has that Dallas sound and feel. Make sure you go get that.


Los Angeles authorities have officially changed the death certificate of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. The cause of death has now been labeled a murder due to 'acute Propofol intoxication' via an 'intravenous injection from another'. Even with this update Dr. Conrad Murray remains a free. Sources close to the investigation told TMZ they believe Murray will be charged with involuntary manslaughter. Also it was reported earlier that after the autopsy was performed on Jackson, it was said that he was one of the healthiest people in the world. So it was obvious that a overdose of drugs was the cause of death.


Kobe & LeBron All Star Shoes

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The Kobe V All Star

The Lebron VII All Star


Starting today, Play Cloths will release a signature Jack logo t-shirt designed for the Haiti Relief Effort. 100% OF THE PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED to the YELE HAITI EARTHQUAKE FUND. In effort to send the donation as fast as possible, the Haitian Jack t-shirt will only be on sale from Friday January 15th to Friday January 22nd.



Its Killa Season!! Cam'ron is back with Drama to release another classic mixtape for uptown.

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Another Trap Classic!!! This Mixtape features Zedzilla Yo Gotti's Protege. You know its a official if Drama stamped it.

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Ok Ok we know Tiger cheated, but be realistic now a lot of people cheat I'm not saying its the right thing though but we shouldn't bash Tiger for one simple mistake. This "joke" here is just too much. In Denver someone was putting bootleg bottles of Gatorade on the shelves of many stores reading "unfaithful" and had a picture of Tiger and his wife on their wedding day. I'm pretty sure whoever did this is going to get hit with a lawsuit from Gatorade.


Short Dawg

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Drake who? Nicki who? Short Dawg is who I'm bumpin. Short Dawg is the newest member of YME. He has been closely affiliated for them last couple of years, he even appeared on the infamous Lil Wayne track "Me and My Drank". Short Dawg bounced on to the scene with Russel Simmons signed to his newly formed record company Russel Simmons Music Group. That deal didn't last long, he then signed with So So Def but that didn't last long like his last deal. He then found a home at Young Money. Short Dawg hails from Houston, Texas but don't think his lyrical capability isn't up there. Short Dawg has a smooth delivery with hard hitting punchlines. Short Dawg has 3 mixtapes out now they are Southern Flame Spitter Vol.1, 2 and 3. Don't sleep on Short Dawg, he has a bright future ahead of himself.


Black or White

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In 2010 Jordan Brand is 2 color ways for the Retro IVs, the varsity red/black and the varsity red/white. I like the Black and Red better then the white though, but which one do you like better?


I knew he would leave Aftermath sooner or later. Dr.Dre had too much on his plate to worry about Bishop Lamount. Its only so much a artist can take, Bishop Lamount was with Aftermath for 4 years and had no single or date for his album to drop.



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If you go to St.John's University you have at least one friend from the DMV, that loves GoGo. I'm not gonna lie at first I hated GoGo but now I actually Like it, so just to show love me and the homie Jish B decided to make a track influenced by the DMV and GoGo.

Chop Chop Feat. Jish B


14 days until "Haters Request" My new mixtape drops!!! make sure you download that joint when it drops!!!


Drake, what was going on back then man? Its all good now though man, you have Grammy nominations off of a Mixtape now. From the looks of this I don't think Drake was bagging any girls but NOW I'm sure he has girls, girls, girls for days.


Deflated Hoop Dreams

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The Game was a great high school basketball player and even played Division 1 basketball until he was kicked out for drugs. Its very clear the studio is The Game's new court and not the hardwood.